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Unique Consults provides business services and web development to small business owners and individuals.

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What business process or strategy ails you:

  1. Creation of a business plan
  2. Business forms or templates needed
  3. Need a website for your business or improve what you already have

    What Unique Consults Can Provide for You

    It is highly possible you are here due to some issue with your business. Perhaps you are thinking of starting a new business but do not know where to start. Or maybe you have an established business and need a helping hand on your strategic plans or carrying out simple business activities. In either case, Unique Consults can provide the service you require

    At Unique Consults we specialize in services for small businesses. Our specialty is in providing simple, no-frills websites be it one, three, five or more page website. You'll find we can put up a website for you in no time. And, our prices are very competitive and probably the best rate in town.

    Business Tip of the Month

    Who is Unique Consults

    Let's focus on a business start-up:

    “What are the first steps to starting a business you say? The first thing anyone should consider in starting a business is having a plan. A plan or business plan as it is called, is simply put a structured way of looking at how your business will look, what it will take to get it going, any financial considerations, employee's required, etc. Your plan can be simple to highly technical depending upon your business needs.”

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    Let Unique Consults do for you what you may not.


    Let Unique Consults take a look at what ails you. If you need the extra helping hand around your business or want to know more about anything you've seen here today, then get back with us soon. For more information or to set up an interview or consult email to: answers@uniqueconsults.info